Wall Street Journal ‘confirms’ HTC is making the Nexus 9

Let’s face it, we all knew HTC was making the Nexus 9, it’s been circulating for a very long time and was even confirmed by NVIDIA in court documents. Now the Wall Street Journal is declaring that HTC is the maker of the Nexus 9 tablet.

According to the WSJ, sources close to both companies have confirmed that the device is in production and that Google has been flying HTC engineers to the Googleplex in Mountain View. Both companies declined to comment when questioned by reporters.

As we’ve discussed before, HTC hasn’t been very strong in the tablet sector, despite its strong smartphone record. It seems a little strange that it would be the company Google chose to collaborate on a new Nexus tablet, but it could well be the boost HTC needs to reenter the tablet market as a strong contender.

The Nexus 9 is rumoured to be released towards the end of October.

Tom Pritchard