The first iPhone 6 to be bought was accidentally dropped on the pavement

Today is the day that Apple fans have been waiting for for months, the day that the iPhone 6 arrives in the hands of the consumer. How many of you would trade a few body parts to be the first person in the world to get hold of one? Some of you would, I’m sure. Well it didn’t work out so well for that person, because they dropped the coveted gadget on the floor immediately after opening the box.

Shown on the local television news in Perth, the poor guy’s name was Jack and he was a little bit too hasty in opening the box because it turned into the world’s first iPhone 6 drop test. While there will undoubtedly be a number of people dropping their iPhone 6s on purpose in order to appease angry YouTube commenters, you can check out Jack’s misfortune below:

Fortunately, the iPhone 6 was absolutely fine which can only bode well for a line of phones that has a bit of a reputation for smashing at the slightest thing. How awful would the guy have felt if it had smashed? It’s hardly worth thinking about.

We just have to wait for the ‘scientific’ drop tests to start appearing online to figure out just how sturdy the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus actually are.

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Tom Pritchard

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