The Onion’s take on the iPhone 6 is the only one you really need to read

Now that the iPhone 6 has been released you can be sure that every tech or gadgets outlet that is able to get their hands on one will be publishing a review. No you could trawl through them all to see the difference of opinion, or you could read the review from The Onion that directly compares Apple’s new phone to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The comparison really manages to capture the endless war between iPhone and Android users over which one is best, and even thought it’s satire it actually manages to be more truthful than any reviewer could be.

By treating the iPhone 6 like a gift from the gods, and behaving as if the Galaxy S5 is some hideous thing that should be locked away from public view, The Onion actually manages to show us that the phones are basically the same and mocks the people who actually argue over this sort of thing.

You can check it out below, and while it might not help you get decide which phone to go out and buy it’ll certainly make you chuckle.

Tom Pritchard