Welcome to #WearablesWeek – tech to enhance sport, safety gadgets & the most stylish wearables

This week the shinyshiny team will be exploring the exciting and fast-moving world of wearable tech.

We’ll be counting down the must-have activity trackers that won’t cost you a fortune, give you an insight into the way wearables are enhancing our sporting abilities, medical procedures and mental wellbeing and exploring whether these always-on devices can even make us safer.

We’ll be taking an honest look at the way wearable brands are making their gadgets more… well… wearable and whether we’re convinced by these efforts, from the best Android Wear themes, the tech used to make them comfortable to wear 24/7 and the most stylish devices on the market at the moment.

Keep checking back to our #WearablesWeek page for more updates and get in touch if you work with wearable tech brands or have some strong opinions about the future of these exciting devices that are slowly taking over our lives (and our wrists).

Image via Misfit Wearables.


Becca Caddy