The iPhone 6 doesn’t have a very encouraging battery life

Now that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have been released, we finally get to play with the devices for ourselves and determine whether or not what Apple told us was true. At the event Apple promised a great many different battery life statistics, many of which were remarkably average in comparison to the competition. The folks at Phone Arena put those numbers to the test, and the results weren’t very impressive.

Phone Arena won’t say exactly what the testing criteria is, but does say that the customised test is supposed to determine how much use you can get out of a phone if you didn’t stop using it. As you can see the iPhone 6 comes third from bottom, beating only the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 Plus does a lot better, with an extra hour of battery life, but still lags behind the likes of the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z3.

That’s not good, especially since a number of the phones on that list are a few months old. While the 6 Plus does do marginally better, it is also one of the most expensive phones on that list, and a significant bump up from the price of the iPhone 6.

It’s discouraging, but it’s worth pointing out that everyone uses their phones differently. For the most part you won’t be using your phone constantly, and the results don’t show any of the phones lasting through an average work day — even the Xperia Z3 which supposedly has a wo day battery life. It isn’t the end of the world, it just shows that the iPhone 6 isn’t as long-lived as the other phones around.

Tom Pritchard


  • AnandTech – a thorough and trustworthy source – shows iPhone 6/6Plus trouncing all comers on just about every metric, including battery life.

    iPhone 6 battery life was found to be “quite incredible.” The iPhone 6’s 11 hours of web browsing battery life was “a step above just about every other Android smartphone on the market,” while the iPhone 6 Plus bested all but Huawei’s 6.1-inch Ascend Mate 2 by at least two hours.

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