10 people who just didn’t want to queue for an iPhone 6

So, it turns out there were a lot of people REALLY wanting the iPhone 6 today, as there were queues all over the world, full of Apple fans hoping to be the first to get their hands on the new Apple phone.

Of course, Twitter was on hand, as always, to mock the whole idea of queuing hours (especially considering last night’s storms) just for a phone. A PHONE! And users took delight in everything about it, including the first person to get the phone who immediately dropped it! So, we’ve picked our favourite tweets, from people who just don’t understand why anyone would queue for a phone, especially one that you could’ve pre-ordered online.

Getting up early isn’t acceptable…

And some people have other things to do.

12 blocks seems silly…

10 years seems excessive…

It’s just a phone guys.

Wouldn’t you rather queue for a drink?

Women didn’t seem to care…

…but this one guy clearly did…

who most likely hates this guy, who just has life sorted.

Image via Newtown Graffiti

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Hayley Minn

One thought on “10 people who just didn’t want to queue for an iPhone 6

  • Resistance if futile…you will be assimilated (repeat this mindless cyborg phrase while in line until you snag that phone)…wow…brainless people…amazing…? and then all the articles come out about how to jailbreak it…here’s a suggestion…get a life!

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