iPhone 6 Plus: Teardown reveals the handset’s monster battery

There were a number of rumours about the battery capacity in the iPhone 6, and Apple’s announcement event wasn’t exactly forthcoming about the amount of power each device could hold. But now release day is upon us, the folks at iFxit have taken both models apart to see what they have.

The iPhone 6 has the 1,810 mAh capacity as expected, but surprisingly the iPhone 6 Plus does have a 2,915 mAh battery — which is surprising because the battery life specs Apple revealed at launch were not that impressive. Apple announced that the 6 Plus would have a battery that would last 380 hours on standby, 24 hours of talk time, and 80 hours of music playback. For comparison, the (sort of) recently released Sony Xperia Z2 has a slightly larger 3,200 mAh battery capacity and lasts 740 hours on standby, 19 hours on talk time, and 120 hours of music playback. It’s smaller, sure, but only by 0.3 of an inch.

The question to ask is where exactly is all the 6 Plus’s power going? It certainly seems to me that a 2,915 mAh battery should be lasting longer than it is, especially when compared to the competition. It’s almost twice the size of the battery in the iPhone 6 as well, yet still only provides a minor power boost.

Honestly I expected a little bit better, and from the looks of thing the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t very energy efficient — at least not compared to its little brother.

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Tom Pritchard