Geek Day: 10 Ways You Know You're a Geek


It’s Geek Day Today. Want to check if you qualify?

We’ve compiled a handy guide. If you violently disagree with our criteria, tell us.

1) You possess an Android tablet
– iPads are mainstream, Android tabs are geekcore

2) You have over 50 apps on your smartphone
– see our story: How many apps is too many apps?

3) You have a Foursquare account and regularly use it
– see Foursquare lots of tech world hype, not much real world traction

4) You know what Windows Phone Mango is
– hint, it’s not a Mango

5) You have stickers on your laptop
– some of them might be Twilight themed

6) You know the specs of your partner’s laptop
– because you helped them choose it

7) You joined Twitter before 2008
– respect

8) You joined FriendFeed
playground of the alpha-geeks before it got bought out by Facebook..

9) Three screens around you is a standard working day
– of course – laptop/iPad/phone

10) You have a passionate love-hate relationship with Apple
– all their products are great of course but yet, iTunes is so annoying.. you can’t surrender yourself totally.
Poll: Apple’s iTunes – love / tolerate / loathe?

Anna Leach