If you're going to get a laptop skin just get a Robert Pattinson laptop skin

You could say laptop skins are a bit tacky. I say that if you’re going to do tacky you should do it properly so if you’re considering covering your laptop in tough bump resistant silcon, it might as well have a picture of R-Pattz on it.

Every geek girl’s favourite vampire, that high-cheekboned face and liquid brown eyes look almost as good on the back of an Inspiron as they do in the films.

You can get your laptop done like this…

473 r p 2.jpg

If you don’t want something quite that big – that everybody in the office/library is going to see.. then you can have your iPhone kitted out in Robert’s pretty face too:

473 robert pattison.jpg

If you prefer ripped snub-nosed werewolf boys, then there’s something for your iPhone too…

473 werewolf product_shot19991421.jpg

Available for a range of different phones including Blackberries and the Droid from SkinIt.com starting at $14.99

Anna Leach


  • well, i agree it’s not the The Most Tasteful thing to do with your iphone that i’ve ever seen. But i wouldn’t call it corrupt.

  • Oh gawd no! I don’t have anything aganst these guys. But wouldn’t someone have to be… well, pretty shallow, unimaginative and corrupt to sport something like this on a phone or PC desktop?

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