Poll: Apple's iTunes – love / tolerate / loathe?

2_itunes_10_icon.jpgGuardian columnist Charlie Brooker hated Apple products until he bought one, then he liked them, and bought some more. However, he still hates iTunes. I’m really with him on that one.

Perhaps it’s because it’s where you have to pay for stuff (musics/apps), perhaps because it’s slow (on a PC anyway) and the home screen is filled up with advertising. Perhaps because it’s fiddly to link into and out of, or as Brooker says because syncing is like pulling your music collection through a leathery anus. More or less.

He’s also laying into their content deal which Jessica wrote about for Shiny here – – which gives Apple a hefty 30% cut of all content sold on their devices – pretty heavy.

What do you think about iTunes? Is it a deal-breaker for you? do you like it? is it just an inextricable part of that smoothly-operating attractive machine that serves you so well?


Anna Leach


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