Motorola Moto E 2015 review: the ideal entry-level 4G Android phone

Every budget handset released in the last year has been compared with Motorola's super-cheap Moto E, often unfavourably. It's considered one of the best entry-level Android handsets out there, and the 2015 update seeks to cement that position by adding 4G, a selfie camera and a few more little upgrades. But a year on from the…

Honor 6 Plus review: the best phone you’ve never heard of

If you haven't heard of a smartphone brand called Honor, you're not alone. Just about everyone I've mentioned it to looks baffled. That's because it's pretty new, having launched in the UK late last year as a sub-brand of the Chinese supergiant Huawei. Granted, not many people on these shores know Huawei either, but it's…

Wholly cow: our hands-on review of the leather-clad LG G4

Today saw the synchronised world launch of LG's new flagship Android phone, the LG G4, and we were at the London leg to give it a try. Hosted by Gabby Logan, the event featured the big cheeses of LG Europe talking about the phone, plus some awkward moments - the G4 has leaked twice, and when LG…

Breast milk ice cream to celebrate the royal baby? We’ll pass, thanks

There are a whole load of daft brand promotions going on to ‘celebrate’ the new royal baby, but this one made us the queasiest. British ice-cream brand The Licktators (previously known as The Icecreamists) have resurrected their infamous breast milk ice cream in honour of the impending arrival of our pint-sized prince or princess.

Cab app Hailo offers free taxis to voters

Hailo, the taxi app that was Uber for black cabs before Uber existed, is giving away free taxi rides to anyone voting in the General Election. All you need to do is pre-book your cab using the Hailo app (iOS, Android and Apple Watch), go to your polling station, and as long as your fare’s under £15, it’s free.

This ingenious bracelet disguises the hairband on your wrist

If you've got long hair, you'll be very familiar with the dent in your wrist that comes of wearing an emergency hairband like a bracelet. You'll also have noticed that it doesn't exactly look good in photos, especially when you're otherwise dressed up. Shireen Thor's engineer husband noticed the same thing, and how much it…

Acer’s new phablet has a truly enormous battery

We’re at Acer’s global press conference in New York today, and we’re excited to see them unveil a new 5.5-inch phone with a stonking 4000mAh battery. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has 2600, the HTC One M9 has 2840, the OnePlus One has 3100 and even the soon-to-be-released Honor 6+ can’t match it, with 3600 mAh. In short, it’s a beast.