This ingenious bracelet disguises the hairband on your wrist

If you’ve got long hair, you’ll be very familiar with the dent in your wrist that comes of wearing an emergency hairband like a bracelet. You’ll also have noticed that it doesn’t exactly look good in photos, especially when you’re otherwise dressed up.

Shireen Thor’s engineer husband noticed the same thing, and how much it bothered his wife. So he used his epic design skills to create this:


It’s a bracelet with a channel just the right size for a hairband, turning your spare tie into an accessory. It looks even better with coloured bands:


It’s called the BitterSweet bracelet because Shireen’s husband had her name (Shireen Maria) engraved in Persian on the bracelet, but accidentally wrote it backwards. Maria Shireen means ‘bitter sweet’.

The bracelet comes in silver, gold, rose gold and steel, and costs between $45 and $85. BitterSweet don’t currently ship to the UK, but if you’ve got to have one, you can use a service like MyUS to get it sent here.

With thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads-up.

Holly Brockwell