Acer unveils two new fitness wearables: the Liquid Leap Curve and Liquid Leap Fit

At Acer’s global press conference at 4 World Trade Center today, the brand unveiled two new fitness wearables to add to their Liquid Leap line of bracelets: the entry-level Liquid Leap Fit, and the fashion-conscious Liquid Leap Curve.

Mentioning the Apple Watch (but not by name), Acer’s keynote discussed the importance of a wearable that looks good, like jewellery, that you actually want to wear. They’ve been pretty good about providing interchangeable bands for their existing wearables so far, and the new devices are no exception.

Both bands have roughly the same features (though Acer didn’t give specs), with a 1-inch touchscreen, removable core, music control, mobile notifications and waterproofing. Their point of difference from similar products, though, is the gold-plated contacts on the underside, which power a stress monitor. Using galvanic skin response, the bands will be able to tell you how stressed you’re feeling, in addition to monitoring your fitness activity and heart rate. These are all fed into nicely-designed charts in the official app, Acer H.

The Liquid Leap Fit looks similar to the rest of the Liquid Leap range, but has a plethora of band designs available. Jason Chen, Acer’s CEO, jokily commented that the bands might become more profitable than the core device.

leap fit

Meanwhile, Curve looks stylish and premium, an ergonomically-designed smartband that sits flush against your wrist. The screen and even the battery are curved, and the upscale gold and black colourways mean this is a wearable we’d be happy to be seen in. Acer’s designs are always very female-friendly, with smaller faces and straps that adjust level by level to fit everyone’s wrists. This design is a definite high for the brand, breaking away from the neon silicone of previous Leaps.

leap curve

Details are pretty thin on the ground about the new wearables at the moment, especially in terms of pricing, but we’ll give you more details when we have them. We’ve definitely got our eyes on those Curves, though.



Holly Brockwell