HTC is promising something huge, could it a One M9 phablet?

We’re officially in the run up to this year’s Mobile World Congress, and the big name phone mnufacturers are already teasing what their announcements. HTC is no exception and, despite having already told us that MWC will be the launch platform for the next HTC One, it has promised something ‘huge’ is on the way.

Huge could mean in a figurative sense, and the company might believe it has a gamechanger up its sleeve. It could also be literal which would mean we might be seeing a larger HTC device in the near future. According to Engadget people have recently come across something codenamed ‘Hima_Ultra’, and since Hima was the name name the One M9 went by for a while it’s fairly safe to assume that the use of ‘huge’ is literal.

But is HTC referring to its next tablet, or is it referring to a phablet version of the One M9? Both have been rumoured in the past couple of months, so both of them have a good chance of popping up at some point later on in the year.

It’s not really very clear, partly because the teaser tweet sent out by HTC USA doesn’t really make much sense. It might be a tease, or it could just as easily be HTC trolling us all. We’re just going to have to wait until next Sunday to find out for certain.

Tom Pritchard