HTC’s next tablet will be based on the Nexus 9

Can you name a tablet that HTC has ever released? Aside from the Nexus 9 you might be struggle a bit, and that’s because HTCs tablets haven’t particularly well received in the past. Now the rumour mill suggests that HTC’s next tablet will be based on the Nexus 9, and that isn’t at all surprising.

According to @upleaks sources within the company claim that the tablet will come with a similar design to the Nexus 9, the HTC-made tablet released by Google at the end of last year. But, while the size will reportedly be the same, the new device will come with completely different hardware specs.

If this rumour is true, it will be the first HTC-branded tablet to be released since the HTC Flyer was met with mixed reviews back in 2011. The only real think we’d like to know is whether or not it’s actually worth releasing a stand-alone tablet anymore. Some, like OnePlus, would argue that its not.

HTC will apparently launch the new tablet at MWC next month alongside its first ever wearable (possibly a fitness tracker), and the successor to the HTC One M8.

Tom Pritchard