There are no plans for a OnePlus tablet, but more phones are coming

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces about the OnePlus Two over the past month or so, along with rumours of a possible OnePlus Tablet. Sadly, OnePlus has confirmed that it has no plans to release a tablet of its own anytime soon.

In an interview with Android Headlines, OnePlus co-founder and and Global Director Carl Pei confirmed that the company has no plans for a tablet. Why not? Well Pei claims that there isn’t any money in tablets at the moment. I suppose that makes sense from a business perspective, and I’m sure OnePlus would rather not spoil its success by releasing a device that isn’t going to sell that well.

But it’s not all bad new for OnePlus fans. Pei did confirm that the company has been creating wearable prototypes, but clarified that the company hasn’t decided on what it’s going to make next. He did, however, confirm that the OnePlus Two will be arriving in the second quarter of 2015.

That’s exciting enough, but in a separate interview with PC World Pei also stated that OnePlus will be releasing a second handset alongside the OnePlus Two. He didn’t specify what that was, but we did see what might be a 5-inch OnePlus One Mini last month so there’s a chance it could be that.

Frankly I can’t wait to find out what OnePlus has in store, and I’m sure plenty of other people are desperate to find out.

Tom Pritchard

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