A bunch of the OnePlus One sequel’s specs have leaked

It’s definitely clear that the OnePlus One is subject to the same leaking issues that have plagued other, more established, smartphone makers. There was already one leak last week, and now more details about the sequel to the OnePlus One have been revealed.

European phone site CooliCool has already published a listing for a phone known as the ‘OnePlus Two’, along with a list of hardware specifications.

So what’s the phone supposed to have? The site lists a 5.5-inch Full-HD display, a Snapdragon 805 (2.7GHz quad-core) processor, 32GB of storage space, a 16MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, and a 3,300 mAh battery. Sadly there’s no mention of the one thing the OnePlus One is missing, a microSD card slot.

It’s strange to see the OnePlus Two already appearing on retail sites, for starters a bunch of people still haven’t been able to get their hands on the One yet. It’s also not expected until sometime in Q3 of next year, and the $552 (£352) price does seem rather high. Hopefully this is just a placeholder, because the low price is probably the aspect people like most about the OnePlus One.

Another thing to note is that the listing has three different devices in the picture, and presumably they represent a tablet, a phone/phablet, and a compact phone. Considering there is no evidence from the folks at OnePlus, the picture actually makes me dubious of the rest of the information present.

Try not to be drawn in too much folks, it might be real or it might not. It’s far too early to say with any level of certainty.

Tom Pritchard

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