A leak has revealed details on the OnePlus One sequel

The OnePlus One was the breakout hit of this year, possibly helped by the bizarre marketing technique that made sure people knew about the phone but made it difficult for them to buy one for themselves. As is the was with all smartphone makers the folks at OnePlus now have to contend with leaks, and this one reveals a few tidbits about the sequel handset we all assumed was coming.

A unnamed source reportedly told Business Insider about the phone, claiming that it’ll be far more customisable than its predecessor, it’ll be more expensive than the OnePlus One while still being cheaper than your average flagship smartphone (supposedly less than $500/£319), and there will be a ‘big surprise’ in store with the hardware.

That last one is a bit strange to hear, and BGR has suggested that it may well be that this leak is OnePlus planting the story to get a headstart. That certainly wouldn’t be surprising, the convention from most phone makers has been to suppress leaks and if the OnePlus One has showed us anything it’s that it’s not a conventional smartphone.

What exactly is a OnePlus One sequel going to be called anyway? The One Plus Two? The One Plus One Two? Who knows. We’re not sure when the phone will arrive, but it’s assumed that it will arrive sometime in early 2015. We’ll keep you posted on any new information.

Tom Pritchard

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