CES 2015: The TAO Chair is a sitting-down exercise solution

This week at CES, TAO Wellness is introducing a new product for the smart-devices-filled home: the TAO Chair.

Far, far more than just a place to sit, this chair lets you work out without standing up. Yep, it looks like a normal piece of furniture but instead it lets you sit back, put the TV on, and start to work your muscles. (Hence its slogan, ‘the invisible gym in your living room™’.)

The chair’s arms resist when you push in different directions, allowing you to work out while embedded sensors track how many calories you’re burning. Depending on how you sit on the chair you can also strengthen your legs and core, working out different muscle groups. And you can do it all while LOL-ing at The Mindy Project. What more could you ask?

Now, sure, it may seem a little lazy, but for anyone with a disability, an injury, or just a totally understandable pathological fear of exercise, this could be a useful way to ease into getting fitter. And let’s not forget that Pilates is basically a load of lying down, and that’s super good for you.

It’s still at the prototype stage so far but who knows, in a decade, every home could have one. Prepare for that day/find out more by visiting the website.

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Diane Shipley