HTC confirms a new HTC One will be revealed on 1st March

After much speculation and countless rumours about what’s going on, we finally know exactly when we’ll be hearing about the next HTC One smartphone. HTC has confirmed that the phone is coming to MWC, and will be officially launched on 1st March.

The announcement was made through HTC’s UK Twitter account, confirming that the phone is coming on the same day as HTC’s MWC  press event. It would be easy to assume that this means that the HTC One M9 is going to be announced, but rumours have been rather torn as to whether or not the next HTC flagship will actually carry the ‘One MX’ moniker. The teaser could be talking about the rumoured One M8i for all we know.

But that’s not likely, especially given that the name ‘HTC One M9’ was recently found on HTC’s own website. Plus even if it’s not called the One M9, it’s remarkably unlikely that HTC will launch an upgraded version of the One M8 without the eagerly anticipated flagship appearing right alongside it.

Whatever HTC has planned, 1st March isn’t that far away and that means we don’t exactly have to wait very long to find out exactly what’s going on.

Tom Pritchard

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