Amazon’s suing a children’s TV company in ‘Kindle’ row

Ah, Amazon. Why must you make life difficult? We want to love you, but you keep testing us. You give SUCH GOOD DEALS on everything from TVs to DVDs, but warehouse workers say you make their lives miserable. You’re willing to spend cash on the weird and wonderful idea of drone deliveries, but seem to baulk at paying authors what they’re worth.

And you offer huge discounts on e-books, but you’re now trying to take down a tiny company for daring to use the brand ‘Kindle’ before you. ‘Tsk’ doesn’t quite seem to cover it…

Yes, because our soon-to-be web overlords don’t want any confusion over their e-reader/tablet/phone brand, they’re suing a a small London-based TV production company. According to The Drum, Amazon is going after London-based Kindle Entertainment for breach of trademark. That’s despite the fact that the company, which makes the CBeebies show Big & Small, came up with the name in 2006, months before Amazon brought out its first gen e-reader in the US and three years before we saw it in the UK.

Anne Brogan, a director of Kindle Entertainment, told The Sunday Times that they’re willing to work with Amazon to find a solution, but that the American company is acting like ‘a playground bully’.

Just think how mad they’re going to be when they find out they’re not the first place to be called Amazon…

Image via Zhao!’s Flickr.

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