Schematics supposedly for the iPad Pro have leaked, along with new details

The iPad Pro, a larger version of the iPad, has been rumoured for quite some time now, and while some expected it to be unveiled alongside the iPad Air 2 there wasn’t a peep from Apple. Now a Japanese magazine Mac Fan has released what they believe are specs and schematics for the fabled device.

These schematics shave 0.7 of an inch off the size, shrinking it from 12.9-inches down to 12.2-inches. They also claim that the device will come with an A9 processor, and “four speakers to offer stereo sound in any orientation”. While these details are impossible to confirm at this point, 9to5Mac has pointed out that Mac Fan did provide accurate dimensions for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus before they were announced.

Apparently Apple’s plans to release the iPad Pro were put on hold due to the immense demand for the iPhone 6, or so says the Wall Street Journal. Production is now apparently going to start early next year ready to arrive some time between April and June alongside the iPad Mini 4. It seems rather early for an Apple announcement, but given that iPad sales have been fairly poor in recent times it’s possible that Apple wants to stop the iPad Pro’s thunder from being stolen by the next iPhone (presumably that’ll be the 6S).

Apple isn’t going to comment on this speculation, and we won’t be finding out how true they are for a good six months or so. Take these details with a pinch of salt, and try not to get too excited just yet. We’ll bring you more when we hear it.

Tom Pritchard