The Fashion ID app lets you share your style

Something to Talk About Media has just released a new, updated version of their style app, Fashion ID. Initially launched in September, the app is designed to cater to the clothes-obsessed. (Plus handbag lovers, shoe aficionados, and anyone else who loves to shop, whether online or IRL.)

Users can both browse the latest trends for inspiration and share what they’ve just snapped up or are longing to buy. They can also check out what fellow users are up to and make a Fashion ID Wall of their favourite styles, plus a wishlist of what they need next.

But it’s not just about making a virtual shopping list. The app also has a social element, meaning that users can comment on each other’s posts and instantly ask for fashion advice via the Visual Chat function. Plus, those pics can easily be shared on other social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. You can even shop some of your fave brands (and get discounts) through the app.

In Version 1.2, there’s a new multi-photo capacity (so you can share metric tonnes of selfies) and a Professional status for fashion veterans. It’s available free from the iTunes store now (for iOS 7 or later) and will be coming to Android in January. If you can’t wait til then, check out more of our favourite fashion apps.

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Diane Shipley