Top 10 fashion apps to make you more stylish than ever: Mallzee, ShopChat, Vinted

With just a couple of days until London Fashion Week begins and we find out what trends we’ll be wearing/rejecting next spring, now’s as good a time as any to check out the best apps for staying stylish over the next few months. Whether you want to buy something new, offload your old clothes, or just gawp at whatever ridiculousness high-end designers are up to now, there’s a fashion app to suit your every need…

Fashion_app_ASAP54For getting the look, instantly: ASAP54 (iOS, free)

Like Shazam for clothes, download ASAP54 and you’ll never have to Google ‘blue dress with a ruffly collar thing’ again. Use it to take a photo of an outfit you want to buy/recreate, and the app will use image recognition to tell you how much it costs and where you can find it (or where to buy something similar if not). Cara Delevingne is apparently a fan, and you can’t get much more stylish than that.

Fashion_app_Mallzee Your pocket personal shopper: Mallzee (iOS and Android, free)

Mallzee takes the hard work out of shopping, browsing stores for you and highlighting items it thinks you’ll like, based on what you’ve already rated. (The more you use it, the more spot-on it’ll get.) You can create different feeds for everything from work clothes to party wear and it syncs with WhatsApp so you can get your friends’ opinions. Best of all, it will alert you when items you love have dropped in price so you can snap up a bargain.


Bond with your fellow fashionistas: Milk (iOS and Android, free)

More of a fashion-centric social network than a shopping app, Milk lets users create a profile and connect with their friends, favourite brands, and style inspirations for fashion talk, gossip, and recommendations. It also has an advanced search function that will find clothes that match any photo – even if the photo’s of a painting or swatch of wallpaper rather than a dress. (You can then shop the results, natch.) It launches later this month, but you can sign up now.

Fashion_app_ShopChat.jpgThe best for personal stylists: ShopChat (iOS, free)

Whether it’s your job or you’re the go-to stylist for your friends, ShopChat lets you organise different looks, create mood boards, and send outfit ideas to your clients/pals. When you’ve finalised the look, you can buy items from the app from over 100 top brands, including Liberty London, Matches Fashion, and The White Company.

Fashion_app_Fitbay.jpgHelp for your sizing worries: Fitbay (iOS and web, free)

We all know that an L in one shop can be an S in another, and that just because two women are a size 12, it doesn’t mean they’ll be the same body shape, as much as shops try to convince us otherwise. Fitbay crowd sources info on how well different outfits fit different body types, so you’ll get an idea of whether something will look good before you even think about trying it on.

Fashion_app_Vinted.jpgBest for vintage steals: Vinted (iOS and Android, free)

Sell clothes and accessories, or find the perfect pre-loved handbag or pair of jeans (and then share pics on Pinterest). It’s free to list items, and Vinted will track the postage to make sure it gets there and you get paid. If you’re buying, you’ll only pay if you’re happy, and you can ask sellers as many questions as you’d like. You can also talk style (or anything else) with other members – the aim is to be a community, not just a store.

Fashion_app_YrStore.jpgFor DIY fashion, fast: YRStore (iOS, free)

Print brand YR has worked with Liberty, Selfridges and Topshop… and now it’s your turn. Yr Store (i.e. ‘your store’) allows you to customise their signature prints on your iPhone or iPad, and buy the t shirt, crop top, tote bag, or iPhone case you’ve designed straight from the app, to have it delivered within 24 hours. (Prices start from £15.)

Fashion_app_Styloko.jpg When you’re looking for a  local bargain: Styloko (iOS, free)

With Styloko, you input some basic info about your tastes, and then see a real-time feed of your fave designers and brands, so you can pick what you’d like to buy and make your own shopping list (for online or in-store). If you want to try something on, the app’s Nearby function uses GPS to tell you where to find it nearest to you.

Fashion_app_zkipster.jpgWhen you’re on the door: zkipster (iOS, Android, Windows 8, £46 per event)

Yes, it’s exclusive, but so is fashion, dahling. If you’re organising a fashion event, you can keep track of all your guests via one handy app, zkipster, which anyone who’s anyone at LFW will be using. With its new zSocial function, hosts can message each guest to thank them for coming and let them know what hashtags they should use on Twitter and Instagram. (You mean your party doesn’t have an Instagram feed?)

Fashion_app_Moda.jpg The haute couture obsessive’s dream: Moda Operandi (iOS, free)

You don’t need to be on the front row to keep up with what’s hot off the runway. Moda Operandi’s updates let you see any designer’s collection within minutes of its debut, and you can add your favourite items to a wishlist. You’ll automatically be notified when they’re ready to pre-order, and if you’re independently wealthy, just need to put down a deposit to be among the first to wear them.

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