Microsoft has sort-of confirmed that Cortana will come to other platforms

The idea that Cortana could be made available on non-Windows Phone devices is not a new one, and while we’re not likely to see Microsoft’s virtual assistant on Android or iOS any time soon we could see her end up in Windows 10. Good thing it’s been sort-of confirmed by Microsoft.

During a recent briefing and analysis with journalists Microsoft Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green touched upon Cortana’s future potential, talking about some of the things she could do beyond the basic smartphone functions that she does right now.

When asked if Cortana would ever end up on non-Windows Phone devices in the future Larson-Green’s response was, “the short answer is yeah.” That’s a nice simple answer that doesn’t beat around the bush.

Sadly Larson-Green wouldn’t reveal any more information about Cortana’s cross-platform future, which is a shame. Chances are if Cortana is going cross-platform she will end up on Windows 10 as the leaks have suggested. Anything beyond that is a complete mystery.

Would it be nice to see Cortana on iOS or Android? Maybe, but does she have anything that sets her apart from Google Now and Siri?


Tom Pritchard