Kitten-filled parody Gone Purrl makes Gone Girl much less scary (plus five other films that need cute remakes, stat)

Forget about Amazing Amy, this week the internet’s all about the amazing kitties in The Pet Collective’s fantastic new video: an all-kitten remake of Gone Girl, called (naturally) Gone Purrl. (‘The hallmark of a sociocat is a lack of empathy.’) And rightly so – it might be the best thing that’s ever happened.

In fact, if you’re a cringing, eye-covering scaredy-cat like me, the idea of watching a short and sweet animal version of a thriller is actually more inviting than the real thing, so let’s hope this starts a trend. To get the ball (of wool) rolling, here are five other tension-filled films that could use a cute makeover…

The MEWsual Suspects
Interrogate a furniture-scratching, curtain-swinging kitten and demand to know who put them up to this bad behaviour (suspects will appear in flashback) until you’re so confused you let them get away with everything. Awards all round.

Replace Leo and Ellen with guinea pigs and now you’re talking squeaking. While one old guinea pig sleeps (hopped up on lettuce), its younger foe fights dream demons with a light saber… OK, fine, I may not have technically ‘seen’ Inception.

Bear Window
A bear sits in the window of a New York apartment, gazing into other people’s apartments, all of whom are terrified and call the cops about the wild animal spying on them, who’s then taken to the nearest rescue centre, where he sits behind glass peering out at people. Poor bear.

Pointer Break
An energetic young gun dog infiltrates a group of canine boogie boarders to find out if they’re responsible for night-time raids on other pups’ biscuits, and ends up being drawn further into the whole messy business than he ever could have imagined.

The Birds
Well, obviously. But this time it’s made with budgies, and instead of Tippi Hedren, there’s a cuttlefish bone.


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