Google is sort-of offering free international calls

International calls are not cheap, not compared to domestic calls at any rate. Fortunately, as the saying goes, there is an app for that, and now Google is getting in on this game by sort-of offering free international calls if you make them via Hangouts.

Oh, did I mention? Only the first minutes of the call is free, which is a pretty hefty catch to be honest. How much the rest of the call will cost you is unclear, but Google has promised that its international rates on Hangouts calls are “super low”.

Currently, for some strange reason, all calls to the US and Canada are free in countries where Hangouts is available, but this offer means you can reduce the cost of your calls to 25 different countries around the world. Countries that include parts of Europe, India, China, South Korea, and Japan.

It’s an interesting prospect, even if bits of it are rather weird. That being said we can’t gauge how good the value is until Google announces full pricing details.


Tom Pritchard

One thought on “Google is sort-of offering free international calls

  • What Google did is great, but isn’t this
    one minute too short? Especially when you are doing business over the phone. You
    can always use VoIP calls with one app, then send message with another app and
    then there is expensive roaming calls. There are ways to improve this. We see
    one application instead of many. We can reduce roaming cost up to 99% using
    just one unique app with intelligent, personalized solutions.

    There are many people using so many apps
    instead of one. What is your experience communicating with people around the

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