The Microsoft Band has already sold out in the US

Normally when you hear about gadgets selling out it’s the latest piece from Apple or Google, a Microsoft device selling out on launch day isn’t something we’re very used to. It has happened though.

According to reports the Microsoft Band fitness tracker has sold out. Not just that, there were actually queues forming in Microsoft stores across the US as eager fans attempted to get their hands on the $199 device. That’s a surprising achievement for Microsoft, especially since there were almost no leaks and no pre-release hype. It was announced and went on sale immediately, with no fuss.

Considering that there were large queues forming, and every single size of the device has sold out online, I can’t imagine it’s a case of Microsoft restricting units. It seems people really wanted to get heir hands on one. I’d guess that compatability with all major phone systems was a big plus.

But despite it’s resounding success, we still don’t know if and when it’s coming to the UK or how much it’ll be. But, considering the success its had in a mere 24 hours it would make sense that Microsoft would want to make sure it becomes available in other major markets. Let’s just hope the demand doesn’t mess the timetable up too much.

Tom Pritchard