Moto 360 teardown reveals smaller battery than advertised

A long battery life is one of the most important features your gadgets can have, since without that powered it’s just dead weight. Now imagine what you must feel like if you realise that your gadget has a battery capacity that is actually less than what the manufacturer has advertised. I bed you’d be a bit peeved wouldn’t you? Imagine how the people who pre-ordered a Moto 360 must be feeling not that iFixit opened up one of the smartwatches and found the battery capacity was less than advertised.

Motorola advertised the Moto 360 as having a 320 mAh battery, which is fairly typical of the smartwatches currently on the market. The only issue is that the model iFixit ripped open only has a 300 mAh battery. It might not seem like a lot, but 20 mAh is 6% of the watches total battery capacity.

Motorola had this to say

The typical battery capacity for Moto 360 is 320mAh and the minimum is 300mAh. In the mobile industry, sometimes both the minimum and typical capacity is listed on the battery, with the typical capacity quoted as the official battery size. Both figures are included on the batteries of our Moto X, Moto E and Moto G devices. In the case of smaller devices, we aren’t always able to list both figures. For Moto 360, we only had room for one figure and choose to list the minimal capacity of the battery. We see how this can be confusing and we will look into ways to add the typical capacity as well in the future.

Well I suppose that makes sense in a way. There are probably still a lot of people out there who aren’t very happy about the whole situation. [iFixit via Android and Me]

Featured image from iFixit

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Tom Pritchard