Apple has quietly killed the iPod Classic

A lot of people have very fond memories of the iPod Classic with its click wheel. Sadly upon announcing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple removed the iPod classic from its web store without so much as a goodbye.

The device that kicked off Apple’s portable music revolution has now officially died. Hold onto to them if you have them folks, cherish those memories. Or you could throw it away because it’s now technically obsolete technology, even if it still works perfectly.

So what’s left of the iPod brand? The iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch. So it’s not like there isn’t plenty of choice for iPod lovers across the world. [What HiFi?]

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Tom Pritchard


  • My impression, based on an article/review I just read on this site, as well as on a decade or so of experience, is that Tom Pritchard doesn’t like Apple. No intention here of digging up old battle-cries, but in his review, he says nothing about Apple’s obvious design superiority nor the easy-to-summarize history of the personal computer (which can help explain that fact). Moreover, his comments on hackability are or would be very misleading to a computer virgin. Yes, of course it’s POSSible to devise viruses that target Macs, but he doesn’t mention the fact that no one (or hardly anyone) does so. I switched to Mac about 14 years ago & have never regretted doing so for one instant. They are, to put it simply, superior to PCs, whose main strength is that they copied the whole “windows” design from Apple.

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