Facebook videos in your News Feed will now have a view count

Facebook has never really been the go-to place for video uploads, that’s what the likes of YouTube and Vimeo are for, but it seems the company is starting to focus more on video content with the announcement that videos on the news feed will actually have video counts now.

According to Facebook 65 per cent of video viewing comes from mobile devices, which is probably why its testing a new “related videos” feature that will display after someone has finished watching. So basically the same feature that has been on other video sharing sites since the beginning.

According to Facebook:

The goal of News Feed is to deliver the right stories to the right people at the right time, from the people and things you care about. And more people than ever before are seeing, sharing and expressing themselves with video on Facebook. We’re committed to making Facebook the best place to share, discover and watch videos, and we’ll keep listening to feedback to improve video on Facebook.

Facebook has already begun rolling out the update today, so you can finally see how popular yuor posts actually are. [Facebook via The Next Web]

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Tom Pritchard