The best cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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With the iPhone 6 finally being launched last night, in spectacular fashion, complete with an announcement of the Apple Watch and a performance from U2, we’re all pretty much lusting after one (apart from the Android naysayers among us).

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one (you may even have one already, you little keen bean!), you’re going to want to protect it from anything and everything, seeing as it’s still not waterproof or dustproof – let’s face it, that’s all we needed from it, along with improved battery life!

We’ve found you our pick of the best iPhone 6 cases released so far, but we’re sure there’ll be plenty more to come, as more and more people get the new Apple phone.

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1. Cygnett AeroGrip

This lightweight snap-on case is available for the iPhone 6 and its ‘phablet’ equivalent, the iPhone 6 Plus. As the phone is costing an extortionate £539-£699, you’re not going to want to drop this bad boy ANYWHERE (even if it does have ion-strengthened glass), so this case has much needed high-grip sides. So you don’t get your greasy fingerprints ruining its shiny new screen, this case also comes with a free screen protector.

These cases come in black, white and clear, and will start at £9.95.

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2. Cygnett WorkMate Evolution

The Workmate Evolution may make your incredibly slim iPhone 6 look incredibly bulky, but there’s a reason for that. The case has a raised front lip around the screen to protect the glass, plus highly shock-absorbent corners to shield the iPhone 6 in case of accidental falls, as that ion-strengthened glass isn’t going to save you from everything!

Like the AeroGrip, this case also comes with a screen protector, but also features covered buttons, and an anti-flash ring to prevent distortion in your photos, as only the iPhone 6 Plus has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), which basically makes the lens move in order to compensate for the movements due to hand shakes, in order to get a stable image. There’s also a high-grip silicone finish, which means it’s less likely to fly out of your hand or off the dashboard in the first place.

The WorkMate Evolution comes in three colours, and starts at £14.95.

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3. Tucano Elektro

Available for both the iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this snap-on case has a unique metal design around the edge, along with a slim, light but protective transparent polycarbonate back. It gives direct access to all the phone’s controls, including the power button, which has been moved to the right side of the phone.

This shiny case comes in four colour, including (what will always be our favourite colour) rose gold, and starts at £14.99.

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4. Tucano Filo

This slimline folio design has had an update, and made bigger and thinner for the 4.7in iPhone 6. As well as holding your cards, (which is sort of at odds with Apple Pay, announced last night) the Filo features a protective back shell, a wake up/sleep smart magnet and a range of typing/viewing positions, which is great considering now you can flip the actual home screen over with iOS 8.

The Filo will cost £24.99.

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ION iPhone 6 range shot

5. Element ION

While this case still keeps your slim iPhone 6 looking sleek and thin, the ION is incredibly rugged too, with its genuine carbon fibre backplate. It also comes with a lanyard slot, so you can add a wrist/neck strap to keep your phone secure when running or cycling, meaning HealthKit will still easily be able to track you.

The ION will cost £39.95.

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6. Element Soft-Tec

This sporty wallet case is another one perfect for those wanting to utilise HealthKit to its full potential. It features Element’s unique Tech Grip non-slip coating, so you won’t be smashing your iPhone 6 screen anytime soon. It also includes a plush lining, credit card slots and a folding design, so you can see your new 720p resolution display in landscape and portrait. Like the Element ION, this case also comes with a lanyard, so you can use it while exercising.

The Soft-Tec will cost £39.95.

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7) Otterbox Defender Series

The Defender Series incorporates a built-in screen protector, two-piece polycarbonate shell and durable synthetic rubber slipcover to provide rugged protection from dust, dirt and drops, as the iPhone 6 still doesn’t quite do this, although it’s been improved with its ion-strengthened glass.

Cases are available on Otterbox now.

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8. Ted Baker

The Ted Baker iPhone cases are BY FAR the most good-looking iPhone cases we’ve seen so far, but what else would we expect from the London fashion brand? Bursting with colour, florals and gorgeous graphics, we absolutely love them. The cases also protect your phone, so they’re not just for show, we promise. Plus, you can get your name engraved onto them, for that ultimate step in personalisation.

These cases cost £24.95.

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