Jux updates its blogging platform: Now looks even better AND works faster


One of the Shiny team’s favourite new blogging platforms, Jux, has had a revamp today, which means the site now doesn’t just make our blogs look better, but content also loads much faster too.

We’ve written about our love for Jux a few times in the past, we made it fight Tumblr (it won!) AND we even gave you a list of our top seven Jux bloggers including our very own Ashley Norris and his blog Pop Goes Art.

So, we’re obviously quite excited by the fact that the Jux team have been making a few changes. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s different and why we’re excited about it.

1. Posts that are quotes, photos and articles can now be lots of different shapes and sizes, which is ideal if you have a particularly wide or tall photo that usually looks a bit stretched or ‘pixel-y’.

2. One of the things I love most about Jux is there are special posts for making a countdown or a slideshow (you don’t have that Tumblr). These options have now been improved even more and now have a new title page and big images to fill the whole screen.

3. Better support for videos, which means they look better, play faster and are bigger too.

4. A new failsafe saving feature means you’ll never get that heart-sinking “I’VE LOST THE POST I’VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR HOURS” feeling ever again.

5. The home page will now load even faster than before, which is always a plus!

6. There are a number of iPad improvements, like pinching out to full screen and tapping for the menu.

So there are the changes we thought were worth mentioning, but there’s a handful of smaller bits and pieces too which you can read from this New on Jux blog post by the team.

Becca Caddy


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  • JUX is characterised by minimalistic designs. The pieces always have a little twist because our designer is playing with bright colors and unexpected shapes.

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