Jux: Just what you need – a new blogging platform – no really

Jux page.pngIt is not often that we get to herald the birth of a new blogging platform. Apps, sure they happen every day. Content curation systems – well about three a week. But blogging platforms!? The last was Posterous and that was three years ago. Tumblr, which still seems quite new is actually four years old and as for WordPress, Typepad and Movable Type – well they are all going to big school very soon.

I am however quite taken with Jux. Short for Juxtaposition (though you probably guessed that) Jux is being billed as the following

1 The easiest way to blog

2 The most beautifiul way to blog

3 A blogging system that works brilliantly with the iPad and other tablets.

And I have to say that on all three counts it is bang on. I’ll do a more in depth review later, but for now, imagine a Tumblr-esque design on steroids (with lovely fonts and clip art japes), powered by software that is as easy to use as Posterous (imagine galleries, video and full page images in an instant) and the look and feel of say a Flipboard and you’ll not be far off.

jux cms.png

There are lots of issues with Jux. What do you use it for? Will it work for brands? Ads? RSS? And I’ll look at those later. But for now meet a platform that, if you are a bloggers may soon become your new best friend.

If you want more now – there’s a good review here.

Ashley Norris

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