7 Promising Jux bloggers

Made in NYC

This is only a list of ‘promising’ bloggers currently impressing our eyes on the new blogging platform Jux because it’s just that, very, very new.

We staged a bit of a blogging battle between Jux and Tumblr earlier in the day and Jux was, quite surprisingly, victorious.

But, if you’re going to start using the platform, it’d probably be a good idea to see how the rest of the community is making use of it first.

It may be early days, but we’ve made a quick list of the top 7 Jux blogs (so far), let us know in the comments if you’ve set one up too.

1. Made in NYC
Who? Juxers
What? A mix of celebrity and pop culture titbits, as well as insightful posts about New York.
Top Jux: 10 Best NYC TV shows to be an audience member

2. Trip 062
Who? TSSVeloso
What? A life stream of images and inspirational quotes.
Top Jux: In Trance

3. Pop Goes Art
Who? Pop Goes Art (our very own Ashley Norris)
What? A real mix of lovely vintage images, pop culture bits and little life observations.
Top Jux: A tale of two penguin pools

4. Hoisery
Who? Legsperience
What? This blog only has two entries, so why did it make the list? Because I’m intrigued to see whether someone can sustain a blog dedicated entirely to TIGHTS.
Top Jux: If Red Bull did tights

5. Ruminations
Who? Jehuda
What? A life stream with news, reviews and photographs.
Top Jux: The new face of micro-blogging

6. Wander(ing) Lust
Who? Wanderingaramean
What? A photo blog which isn’t too pretentious or overly edited.
Top Jux: Goodmorning Irene

7. La Vie En Rose
Who? Mike Street
What? Snippets of pop culture, cool photos and quirky videos.
Top Jux: Hello Irene

Becca Caddy