Attention Apple fanboys/girls – the iPod nano watch that just tells the time

HomepagePineapple1.jpgHere’s a curious one. As any iPod nano owners already know you can buy a neat little strap that enables you to wear your nano on your wrist. This however isn’t good enough for Apple-obsessed Swiss/Italian company Pineapple. They think that the nano looks great on people’s wrists, but they don’t really need all that music playing functionality.

Hence Pineapple have created rather fetching watches that look a little like the nano, but do little else but tell the time. As their release cheekily points out though the watch has one feature that has eluded the nano namely that the watch is water resistant to 30 metres.

So if you want to wear a watch that looks a little like a nano but doesn’t actually play any music then hop along here. They sell for around £55, are available in loads of colours and are limited stock only. And yes they sure look pretty.

Ashley Norris