Creative Uses of Chatroulette #1: A Ben Folds Concert

We don’t count getting your willy out as a creative use of Chatroulette. No, boobs don’t count either.

But, this concert by Ben Folds does count. This is a creative use of Chatroulette. The singer sits at a piano in a humungous concert hall, lets Chatroulette roll and sings some incredible improvised stuff riffing off the randomers that turn up. It’s a pure joy. We want to go back on Chatroulette just to see if Ben is doing this again and we catch him.

Oh wait though – we’d probably just see lots of naked men and get scared again though.

While we’re on the topic this was a great use of Chatroulette too: Chatroulette for good? HealCam connects patients.

So was this: Finally, someone has a Chatroulette Party

This was a dreadful use of Chatroulette though: French Connection in rubbish Chatroulette competition

Anna Leach

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