French Connection in rubbish Chatroulette competition

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In case you missed the hype Chatroulette started at the end of last year and it randomly connects users from around the world, enabling them to communicate using webcam, text and images. Much of the time though users share webcam footage with each other and much of it is, (our research team reckons about 10%) shall we say, of a slightly raucous nature.

Now, unbelievably, it seems brands are using to run competitions.

Once famous for their edgy (at the time anyhow) FCUK campaign, they are using the site to run a competition where men are being asked to set up a real date with a girl on the site. The bloke not only gets a date but also £250 worth of French Connection vouchers.

The competition is part of French Connection’s The Man, The Woman campaign launched in February, which aims to draw more attention to its men’s range of clothing. You can find more about it on their blog here.

Here’s how you enter

If you can prove to have successfully charmed a woman, by copying and pasting your discussion with her into our comments section, we will reward you with beefy praise on MANIFESTO, and the best response will win the vouchers. Remember the challenge is lost as soon as the lady removes herself from your company, so get copying as soon as you have flirtation!

And if you’re thinking about cheating, we have a crack team of chat-based checkers who will go through every entry and hunt down frauds. If caught, they’ll hunt you down and shame you in the most terrible way known to man. They will tell your mother.

Well it obviously sounds like a non competition and I think is more about FCUK trying to grab a bit of Chatroulette’s cool than engaging with real users. Makes them sound a bit desperate really.

What do you reckon?

Ashley Norris