And while we're at it, a geek pillow you won't want..

isleep usb pillowIf laying your head down on an inflated plastic bag placed on top of your laptop is your idea of comfort… My God.

Anyway, if you do find yourself yearning for such an accessory, you now purchase a professionally made one: the iSleep USB pillow – specially honed for powernaps. It plugs into a USB port on your laptop and auto-inflates when you shut your laptop, deflating when you open your laptop again. I suppose the advantage is that you don’t have to move to snooze.

Even better than the actual product is the description of it on the German site where the inventor explains the concept with an evocatively-described late-night scenario:

“It is almost midnight, the eyes get heavier and our “to do” list waits with several prettily marked points of work, which have to be done until 8:00 o’clock in the morning. Yes, sleep is luxury and our working place “NO SLEEP” area.

This continues:

Because of this sad fact our upper neck hurts for days after slaming on a wooden table or against the keyboard…even after consuming 3 bottles Club Mate!

Tell me about darling, the slamming on the desk, the Club Mate… my head does hurt.

“This painfull experience will now stop! Now there is i -sleep, a comfortable soft pillow which can be attached on the top of each leptop and functiones like a rescue west in an airplane – with the difference…it really saves us. If we tend to fall asleep, we just close our laptop, a pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings. Bonne nuit!”

Alternatively go have a hot bath while eating chocolate ice-cream, truffles watching Friends and drinking – you won’t get any work done, but you will learn the true meaning of comfort.

The iSleep USB pillow is actually a university project, so not commercially available, but do see digital.ukd
for more information.

Anna Leach


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