As David Karp of Tumblr trades on his looks for a Uniqulo ad: We ask you which Tech Entrepreneur is cutest?

David Karp, the slender, well-dressed founder of Tumblr has just done a video advert for Uniqulo, the reasonably-priced high-street fashion shop for hipsters. He gives advice to young people with a business idea and gazes dreamily off stage left with his pale grey eyes.

In the interests of journalistic research we thought we’d ask you guys which one of these entrepreneurial beauties you think is the most attractive. Don’t let their company’s valuation come into it – just keep this to pure physical attributes.
( how often do we get a chance to do this in tech world?)

1) David Karp of Tumblr
– tall and fine. This guy knows how to dress.

2) Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
– you’ve seen him before. The curly hair is cute right, and by the looks of things he’s pretty built.

3) Daniel Ek of Spotify
– for some reason we want to rub his head and make him smile.


Anna Leach