Chatroulette for good? HealCam connects patients


Chatroulette is an amazing site spoiled by everyone who uses it.

The concept of a carosel of random video conversations with people from all over the world is really interesting it’s just sad it ends up with the huge amount of nakeds that it does.

Anyway, the clever people at HealthCam have seen the potential for this kind of human connection, helping people often isolated by the health conditions they suffer from. HealthCam explain their site:

The concept is simple. If you would like to talk to others with the same condition as yours, go to the site, press start and choose a health category, say diabetes, and you will be connected to a random person with diabetes. When your conversation is over, you press next and you are automatically connected to another person with diabetes. You can talk to as many people as you wish. We envision the site as a large meeting place, where people can exchange information, get or give moral support, and learn from others.

Right now the site offers a few general categories: Diabetes, Weight Loss & Dieting, Depression, Cancer, Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Heart Disease. However, they plan to open new channels in the coming weeks.

[via ZaraRabinowicz]
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  • Vtring had already incorporated IP banning about 6 months ago. It has banned over 1000 visitors just in its first month.

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