Finally, someone has a Chatroulette Party

243 group chatroulette.jpgI know we seem a bit obsessed with Chatroulette on this blog – that’s because we are. From the get-go this whole shebang has always looked like A Great Thing To Do With Friends. Doing Chatroulette with a friend is like when you go to a club and sit in the corner making snarky comments about the other people in the room – but way more fun because the people on Chatroulette are actually weird and there are loads more

Anyway, someone’s done a Chatroulette party I am delighted to say, in New York of course. All it takes is a hall with a seating area and a good projector. Oh and a hostess too.

Okay it is a bit weird, but no weirder than fox hunting and people do that for pleasure.

Apparently the C’roulette partners get a bit freaked out by suddenly facing a room full of people. But some of them really like it and start acting up something major.

Okay, so who wants to organise one of these in England?

[full account here, NYMag]

Anna Leach