LulzSec Goodbye message set to an MGMT song: Claim hacks were done "to selflessly entertain others"

LulzSec signed off from the internet with some of the fine-flown rhetoric we’ve come to love and expect and someone has set their resignation note to an MGMT song and recorded it on Youtube.

Uploaded today, the video. It’s from a user called MusicWavesMan who has previously posted a range of anti-government videos, videos about banks and Anonymous.

The text is taken from their sign-out message posted on pastebin last week. I think the MGMT backing track only adds to the fine qualities of a LulzSec release – high drama, grandiose claims and an insistence on the entertainment value of their cybercrime. These guys know how to make an exit. The use of the song “Kids” gives it a generational feel.

In the farewell message LulzSec claim they did it all “to selflessly entertain others”, explaining further: “the chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy, it’s what we all crave.”

About a minute in, the voiceover goes into Lady Gaga style empowerment talk:

“even those middle-aged self-titled failures, you are not failures. You can get what you want and its worth having it.”

It ends with a rallying cry to the #AntiSec movement and a repetition of the Anonymous philosophy – we are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget.

Lulzsec going out with a bang. Or rather lots of bangs. We expect some major explosions from them in the future..

What do you make of it? Were you entertained? Do you crave anarchy?

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Anna Leach