Poll: Were you entertained by LulzSec hacks?

32-lulzsec-thumb.jpgObviously, they were doing it for their own entertainment, but they also like to claim they were doing it for ours too.

The lulz they made were meant to be shared and LulzSec had the most extrovert profile of any hacker group over the past few years. That included a twitter account followed by 288,000 people, coverage in all national newspapers and a flamboyant style that spread way beyond Fourchan. Their knack for sharing the lulz was probably what got them the hot attention of the FBI and Scotland Yard.. but at the very least, they made for a lot of discussion in their short 50 day existence.

Were you entertained by the LulzSec hacks? Or by their Twitter stream, videos and press releases at the very least? Paul Carr wasn’t.

Anna Leach


  • Love this movie as well as the serial. Really funny, thanks for sharing it with us.

  • They’re official Twitter account is definitely pretty funny, but there’s nothing to laugh about when it comes to releasing people’s personal info online and then encouraging others to hack into their email/facebook/paypal etc.

    If you’re the type of person who needs to get off on the misfortune of other people you don’t even know, then you lead a sad life.

  • As a spectator who in no way took part in these events, I feel the entertainment value returned for the amount I was required to invest was unbeatable. The internet is more awesome today than it was 50 days ago.

  • Of course LulzSec were entertaining!

    Some people just don’t realise that the moment they, or anybody else, make a comment they become a commodity – part of the entertainment! Sometimes more so when they are butthurt…

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