Five fun things to do with Facebook Places

1113facebook-places-logothumb.jpgFacebook Places has arrived in the UK and we’re pretty excited about it. It allows you to “check-in” at places you visit and share your location with your friends. It is only available to Facebook users with smartphones, it’s native on the Facebook app on iPhone and can be accessed over a phone’s browser by everyone else – visting takes you to a web interface too which lets you drop a pin where you are.

It opens up so many possibilities around location-based networks: increasing the chances of serendiptious meetings, and creating rich opportunities for jokes.

We have thought of five hilarious things to do with Facebook Places. If your friends don’t find this amusing – well it’s clear someone has a sense of humour fail – and that someone is them.

1. Check in everytime you go to Tescos. Someone complained the first time I did this, now I’m making sure I do it every single time. Makes me LOL. Also there not much else to do in the queue for the self-checkout machines.

2. Check into places when you aren’t actually there.
So you can’t exactly check into the Taj Mahal from Leicester, but Places usually offers you a variety of places nearby to check into, often ones that are quite far away. I’m planning to make maximum use of this, checking into Buckingham Palace, exclusive clubs and just fun places that I’d like to think I visited.

3. Invent new places that may or may not exist
You are allowed to add new Places with the app, and generally those places are physical venues “Cafe Neros” for example. Why not add metaphysical ones as well – “Nirvana” at 23 High Street, “Happy Place” or “Slough of Despond” at the local bus station. I’d check in there.

4. Check into a whole bunch of places really quickly.
Every shop on a given street, for example, using the wonderous local check-in.

5. Write “oh god how did I end up here again” on every Places update. or perhaps something more mysterious like “but my heart is elsewhere”, or “at least that’s where they tell me I am”.

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Anna Leach