Facebook Questions to get Hot or Not picture element


Facebook Questions could get a bit more like Hot or Not as pictures are introduced to the app in the next few weeks.

Currently questions are largely text-based, with the asker allowed to fit one picture in the question. The asker can provide answers to choose from, but only text ones.

Anyway looks like Facebook will be tarting it all up with the introduction of pictures. You could be asked to choose between two different hair cuts or living room arrangements or indeed pictures of potential dates.

The tip-off comes from a user question answered by some Facebook staffer and picked up by Inside Facebook.

The Facebook Question functionality was introduced a couple of months ago and it has been gradually rolled out to different profiles. It just lets you pose a question then farms your question out to people who may be interested or able to answer – “Do you know where David left his house keys?” or “What are the best fish restaurants in San Francisco?” etc.

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