Five things we'd like to see in Facebook's Location announcement tomorrow


Will Facebook add location features tomorrow? They’re certainly going to tell us something and it looks like the announcement of location features will be on Mark Zuckerberg’s speaking notes. It’s likely that it will plug-in with existing location-based mobile networks Foursquare and Gowalla. Though how exactly no-one is quite sure.

Before the announcement lands at 4.30pm Pacific time tomorrow (12.30am GMT) here are five things we’d like to see on new location-aware Facebook

1) A big map showing you where all your friends are. Do they happen to be round the corner – ask them if they want to go for a drink. Too much to ask? a privacy invasion? yes probably both but we can be sure that turning on location features will be optional. I’d just like to see little pictures of my friends’ faces pasted over a Google Map.

2) A map showing where your friends usually are – places visited or checked-in most frequently over a period of time. Work out places you might be interested in going to..

3) Vouchers popping up in Facebook – if Foursquare combines with Facebook then those useful little 50p-off vouchers could pop up in there too.

4) Games – set yourself places you want to go, set location tasks for your friends..

5) A comprehensive stalking app where you can track someone you’re interested in and contrive “accidental meetings” with them. Okay, I think I want that. I probably don’t. I’m just saying it would be possible.

Anna Leach