The Dislike Button: why we fell for it, and why Facebook will never introduce it..

1011-facebooklikedislike1_original.jpgSo it turned out to be a horrible scam which infiltrates your profiles and encourages your friends to click on dodgy links.

But it’s not entirely surprising we fell for the Dislike Button scam. The Like Button has been a massively successful feature – perhaps because it lets us all have an input without actually having to think of anything to write. However, sometimes our input isn’t always positive. Maybe we genuinely don’t like something.

Why we want it
People have often taken to commenting “DISLIKE” on stuff. Status updates like “I just broke my leg” or “I love Cheryl Cole’s new song” or “Sometimes I want to kick the wall” or “Kicking the wall made me break my leg” are the sort of things you can’t like on. If people are already writing “dislike” it, they’d definitely use an option to click on it too.

We are used to having like and dislike buttons on things – on Youtube for example it’s how we rate videos, similarly on comment rating function on sites like the Daily Mail.

We want the dislike button because it would save us words, and because hey, even the sweetest of us have a little h8er impulse in us and sometimes a quick thumbs-down is the only elegant response.

Why Facebook won’t introduce it…
There’s a lot of negativity on the internet: I’ve mentioned youtube, I’ve mentioned the Daily Mail comment boards – there are a lot of other examples. I guess the thing about Facebook is that it has been very good at keeping that out of its network. With its friends-based structure, the encouragement to use your real identity and the good times vibe it has somehow.

It can often be bland, but it’s not usually negative. Introducing a Dislike button would increase that. It would bring in a Facebook-approved way to express negativity and that’s not good. Think of kids ganging up to dislike a class-mate’s post, it would just provide a format for cyber-bullying. That’s not in Facebook’s interest..

What do you think?

Back in 2009, there was a non-harmful Facebook Dislike button which was a Mozilla FireFox plug-in. Trouble with it was that it was only visible to other people with the plug-in so 99% of your friends wouldn’t see it and then, it slowed Facebook down too. It was a software gimmick more than anything else.

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Anna Leach


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  • disliking isnt so much negative either. Somebody posting a negative comment may need a negative response to be positive. “I didnt get much sleep” you’re friends would normally say “that sucks” or something, while both statements are negative, you get a positive bonding of sympathy. A friend hitting “like” on such one makes them seem like assholes. “oh yeah? didnt get enough sleep, well good for you!” At least, that it how me and my friends would use it. I dont see how dislike can be used for cyber-bulling, since the settings can be only for friends. Then again, i wasnt dumb and hung out with people like that.

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