Foursquare partners up with more big media brands: Debenhams, Domino's Pizza, Zagat and Warner Bros

A few more reasons why FourSquare will be this year’s Twitter: it’s just signed a couple of deals with some serious media brandnames.

Discussing the potential of the site yesterday, we mentioned the location-based social game’s partnership with Bravo TV (visit places seen on Bravo TV programmes and collect special Brando badges).

Now looks like the start-up has signed deals with some other big names in media: Zagat – a restaurant review service; Warner Bros – the film producers; and HBO – the TV channel. In the UK it has also done deal with Debenhams and Domino’s Pizza. If you want a free pizza then you need to get down to Domino’s as it is offering a free pizza every week for ‘mayor’ of its branches. As for Debenhams well its Oxford Street store is offering free coffee to anyone checking in on a Friday. If you are lucky enough to become the ‘mayor’ of Debenhams you can have free coffee at any time.

On a similar format to the deal with Bravo, Foursquare’s partnership with Zagat means that Zagat has a FourSquare page (here) with a list of tips culled from their extensive knowledge of a city’s restaurants. You can add Zagat’s restaurant tips to your to-do list and win a foodie badge, if you check in enough at the right places.

Warner Bros are doing some publicity with Foursquare over an upcoming film called Valentine’s Day that encourages you to visit certain romantic spots in various American cities.

Finally the HBO deal – again a US-specific affair, based around the show “How To Make It In America”. It’s not official yet, but Mashable say the Foursquare package will encourage ‘squarers to ape the lives of the thrusting glamourous youngsters in the show by getting badges for Nightlife, Cocktails and suchlike from visiting appropriately trendy places in America.

Well. FourSquare has officially got the badge for collaborating with big media brands this week. Well done them.

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Anna Leach


  • I thought you were going to give some insight on furniture and not leave us hanging to decide.

  • Hi Anne –
    I’m on Foursquare and I really do agree with you that it will be this year’s Twitter. It’s such a fun and yet informative program that it almost combines all of the fun and attractive parts of the other social media outlets. One of my bigger issues is why it is so big outside of the U.S., I’m not sure if it’s just AZ but there is limited Foursquare action and businesses aren’t picking it up as quickly as they are in other places. Either way, I do see Foursquare picking up in the future and hopefully it will stick around long enough for people to get on and really learn how to use it, because it really is a helpful business tool if used correctly!
    Thanks for the post – I’ll be looking for more on Foursquare.

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