Say I love you with a virtual animal, Pet Society do Valentine's day..

135 pet society.jpgIf flirting on Facebook is easier than flirting in person, surely flirting via cuddly animals on a Facebook app should be easiest of all – no? That’s what Pet Society are claiming anyway as we face the final few days before Valentine’s Day. They suggest getting your furry Pet Society avatar to kiss to your love object’s pet as a romantic icebreaker.

If you fancy a less direct approach you can hug them, give them flowers or buy them a drink.

It’s like in “real life” when your dogs get tangled up in the streets, your eyes meet, 5 weeks later you’re married etc, etc.

Of course your love object might not be on Pet Society, or they may have forgotten and routinely ignore notifications along the lines of “xxx just bought you a drink”.

Still – it’s a worth a try. Maybe back it up with a Plan B strategy (like stalking them through FourSquare and accidentally bumping into them?) That’s my tip for the moment.

Pet Society is a social game played by over 21 million people which lets you create and look after your own virtual pet. Your pet lives in a town, populated with the pets owned by all of your Facebook friends, so you can go round for a visit and just kiss them, in a way you wouldn’t in real life.

Anna Leach